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Hidden Money?

Unclaimed money is money in some type of account which becomes classified as an inactive account such as a redeemable savings bond and perhaps your parents opened a savings account when you're just a child and you never knew it.

According to the Federal and state laws, banks, investment brokerage firms, insurance companies, utilities, etc. must surrender monies to the government when these accounts become inactive. Generally, this is the result when the account holder dies and never claimed their money. Basically forgotten savings account, paychecks, and security deposits, utility deposits, gift certificate, mortgage refunds, investments in stocks or bonds – institutions by law must remit the funds to the Government, which is required to hold these assets until their rightful owners come forward. But there is a time limitation before the money or assets escheats forever to the Government.

Choice Trust International is a Florida licensed private investigative agency, with over 18 years in local, state, national and international searches for missing heirs and beneficiaries.

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