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Florida Division of Licensing - Private Investigative Agency Number: A 1300210


25 Years of Experience. It Counts.


Experience, Trust, Diligence & Professionalism - there is a difference.


Through a blend of determined investigating, trademarked software, a comprehensive network of contacts, and committed research and legal staff, we have the know-how to locate those, which most cannot find.


A Phi Beta Kappa undergraduate, Mr. Kovan is a CPA and a licensed private investigator and holds a JD, MBA, and Masters in Tax.


Jay has over 19 years of expertise, assisting individuals, professionals and both private and publicly traded companies in the United States and throughout the world.


Mr. Kovan’s experience includes over 10 years in Big-4 accounting firms as well as 7 years legal practice and 15 years in investigative, genealogical and unclaimed property research.


Mr. Kovan has represented clients from all parts of the world and is able to bring together the unusual talents of understanding a client’s facts and circumstances. 

Terence Speyer

Terence  is a partner in CTI and has over 30 years of corporate experience in numerous roles both at the executive and senior management levels. In addition to Terence’s involvement in CTI, Terence is a respected consultant for several  businesses with extensive experience in operations, manufacturing, non-profit & educational entities.


Terence focuses on research leading to the recovery of assets throughout the United States and in other countries.


Terence’s work experience currently includes positions as a Partner for CTI, U.S. Tax Compliance LLC and Corporate Technology Inc.

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