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Estate & Probate or Tracing Heirs & Beneficiaries Fees.

When you initiate contact with us to do research or investigative services then our fees are quoted on a case by case bases, in writing and prior to commencing any engagement. We can quote by the hour, flat fee or a combination of flat fee and contingency depending on the estimated hours and / or scope of research.


How Are Unclaimed Property Fees Handled?

If we initiate the search and contact you regarding an unclaimed property and there is no distribution of the bequest, then there are no fees due Choice Trust International. Generally we advance all expenses, court filing costs, research, attorney fees, vital record charges, records database access and processes necessary to finalize the dispersal of your inheritance. This type of service is on a contingent-fee basis. We receive a percentage from the claim only if it is paid. Otherwise all expenses are on us.


We invite you to call or email us.

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