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Locate Heirs and Beneficiaries

The initial steps locating missing heirs and beneficiaries requires extensive knowledge of the various methods to gather information and these can prove to be the most difficult. In addition accessing national search databases generally requires either a PI license or other professional qualifications such as an attorney. Many of the free or paid online sites provide good information however in most instances when our clients come to us, it is because they have exhausted online resources and need professional assistance.

Why use a professional? It’s in the details. If you flip houses for a living or do renovations, you’ve acquired good skills sets along the way. But almost always you still bring in licensed contractors for construction, landscaping, roofing, water-proofing, plumbing, and electrical and HVAC, etc. Why? Because contractors have the knowledge and experience. In our business, it’s no different.

The methods used generally follow the following steps: a. Identify the distributes; b. Locate distributes; c. Verification and proofs; d. Document, document, document. These are the practical skills. We handle the details.


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